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The Key Planner Undated Weekly Digital Edition

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The Key Planner Undated Weekly Digital Organiser is an undated yearly digital organiser. Presented in a 3-month to 13-week format, broken up into four quarters designed with versatility and ease in mind, to help you manage professional tasks and plan out projects. Designed to help you gain clarity in who you are and what you want in life, so you can schedule the action needed to progress towards achieving your goals.

It's a scheduling calendar, habit tracker, expense tracker, goal setting tool, and journal to keep all your thoughts, desires and strategies in one place.

View the preview below, this product is available to instantly download.

P.S: It's a PDF download, to print and write on. 

Oh, and with each purchase, you plant a native TREE in New Zealand. Now, I wonder if A Tree That Counts will name that tree after you?


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