Pre-Order News – The Key Planner

Welcome, so you'd want to know what is crowd-funding and Pre-orders about?

As you may have noticed, we sold ALL our startup stock of The Key Planner Classic, as we've gone to make more we are looking to secure pre-orders to get this product shipped over. 

Shipping & Delivery: 

We are looking to express ship over 180 units, to fulfil December orders, and the remaining stock will be shipped for January through to February delivery. 


You'll be charged full payment, upon your Pre-order, however, if for some reason we don't meet our goal and unable to ship the stock ALL orders will be refunded. 

Introducing The Key Planner Classic

The Key Planner is a yearly personal journal and organiser. Designed in an undated weekly edition, presented in a quarterly month to a 13-week format. 

Our goal is to provide you with a tool to help you gain clarity in who you are, what you want in life and what it takes to get there. It's your high-performance coach in a journal, with the features of an appointment calendar, habit tracker, goal setting tools, note taker, and bullet journal to keep all your thoughts, desires and strategies in one place.

The Key Planner is your trusted sidekick to help you manage your time and task, increase productivity, manage, prioritise and hit your goals while maintaining focus and progress throughout the year.

The Key Planner offers you the keys to:

Take a sneak peek below and visit » to download a free sample of TKP.

Get to Know Yourself

  • Self Discover – The Key Statement
  • Self Define – The Key Vision
  • Self Develop – The Key Map

Set Your Goals

  • Goals | Long Term - List Aspirational Goals
  • Goals | Medium Term - List Realistic Goals (3+ Months)
  • Goals | One Year Period - 12 Month Calendar 

Yearly Calendar In A Quarterly Layout

Goals | Short Term - Realistic Goals for the First 3 Months 1x

Connections - Contact List 4x 

Monthly Habit Tracker 12x / 

Monthly calendar 12x 

Monthly Review 12x 

Weekly calendar 52x 

End of Year Review

    Wrap up the year with a record of your highlights and low-lights, to encourage and prepare you for an even better year ahead!

Extra Pages

  • Lined 20x
  • Gridded 20x
  • Blank 20x

These extra pages are for drawing, key mapping, note taking, bullet journaling, scrapbooking, and more!

Risks and challenges

The Key Planner is an entirely new product line. We are using manufacturers who have a lot of experience in manufacturing paper products and planners.

We have already made the production after our startup stock sold through. 

We have allowed for a generous lead-time to ensure we can send all our products out to backers in good time, approx 3-7 days once we reach our goal.
We appreciate your support and patience during this startup phase.

You are the key, to help us bring our dream to life! 
Thank you