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or maybe you...

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If you've answered yes to any of the above questions and would also enjoy the benefits of earn rewards while promoting The Key Planner collection to your tribe.
If your a social media influencer, blogger and an influential leader.
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Why, because we need more socially-conscious heart centred entrepreneurs and leaders.
And also, we need more people turning there dreams into reality than creating real impact in the world by building & supporting businesses that focus on...
As Micheal Jackson says "Heal the world and make it a better place" sounds cheesy I know but I am a firm believer that together, We Can Do It!

Ok, so you might be asking well WHAT IS AN INFLUENCER?

An influencer is an individual with authority, position and a valued relationship with his/her tribe, you'd also have a website, blog or highly engaged social media channel that promotes values (brands) like ours.

For example of how this would work, if you refer someone to our site, using your unique code and they convert into buyers you'll be paid a sales commision of 10% of the total order** and guess what? We'll also give your tribe 10% off there first purchase too.

So all you'd need to do is use our product, love it, then promote it to your tribe in a way that adds value to there life. This could be by solving there time management problems with a VLOG on how to address that the problem with The Key Planner, or if someone is seeking to know "what journal you use" you could create a product review in the form of a post, blog or vlog, whatever makes sense to you and your audience.


Ok, so what's in it for you?

We pay a highly competitive base rate of 10% commission per sale (minus discount deductions and excluding shipping, taxes, refunds)
It's free to join
You'll have exclusive access to influencer only offers and promotions.
And each month, in my private member's club, I'll even teach you a few cool tools of the trade to promote products online.

How does that sound?
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