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Happy new life, my friend, and welcome to Jessica Anne TV. I'm the founder of The Key Planner, and this is a tutorial series to teach you how to design your best year so you can achieve your goals for 2020 and beyond. By the end of this video, you'll have clarity around what you want by creating a vision that is meaningful to you. This is the first step to helping you achieve your goals so you can design a life you love. For business and productivity tips and advice, subscribe to this channel, hit that bell to be notified when I post a new video each week on a Wednesday. In the description below is a link to download a free PDF sample of The Key Planner, which will be emailed straight to your inbox. Print off that bad boy and join us in the Design Your Base Life series. Let's go.
Step one, envision your future. Clarity speeds up the process to your destination, so the first step in designing a life that's meaningful to you is to simply decide what do you want. Now, I know this can be hard to do sometimes or may even seem airy fairy. However, we are born with an imagination for a reason. Now, think about this. An athlete perseveres through rigorous training day in and day out because of a dream to win a championship. Now, I'm pretty sure they've already imagined themselves winning the championship. On a similar note, we too must imagine and believe that we are being prepared for something just as significant. This is where we find the motivation to overcome any obstacles that will come our way. This starts by imagining your outcome. What's your desired result of what you'd like your life to look and feel like 12 months to three years from now?
Let's get started right now. I'm going to take you through a quick visualisation exercise. All you need to do is grab out your notebook, some pens, and jot down these questions for reflection.
Let's time travel three years from now. At this stage I don't want you to focus on how you're going to achieve this, but instead I want you to focus on what do you want each area of your life to look and feel like. But firstly, I would like you to think about the following. What are your day-to-day activities? What are you doing throughout the day? Who are you around? What have you accomplished? How are you dressed? How do you feel in terms of your energy and your emotional state? Where do you live? What do you have around you? What are your hobbies? What do you do for work? How does your body look and feel? What have your experiences been?
Step two, we need to clarify our yearly vision. In your Key Planner, in the notes section, I would like you to head up a page, My Life, Three Years, then draw up two columns. In the first column are the six key areas of life, which are personal, so this includes your spirituality, your emotion, skills and ability, career or business, your relationships with your partner, your family, your friends, your work colleagues, your team, your social circles, your network, four is health and fitness, five, finances, six, contribution. Now, this is how you are of service to others, so it could be church or community or charity work that you may do, or how you add value to other people's lives.
I would like you to write a statement of how each of these areas would look and feel like to you. Then go back to envision your future in these six key areas of life and ask yourself this to each specific area, if you had no limitations, no lack of resources, money, or ability, what does this area look and feel like to you? Then briefly write a statement of how each area looks and feels like to you in three years time. Now, this does not even have to be perfect and it doesn't even need to be structured into goals at this stage. All you've got to do is get your thoughts to paper. Now, drop a comment below. What are the top two areas of your life that you're seeking to change this year?
Step three, get to know yourself. Your beliefs shape your reality. In The Key Planner, the very first question prompts you to take time to reflect on past experiences, to determine what pivotal moments in your life have significantly influenced the person you are today. Now, why is this important? Before we can move forward, we need to process events from our past, and the last thing you want to do is allow history to repeat itself. Now, these could be in a form of regret, setbacks, disappointment, limiting beliefs, addictive behaviours, habits that are holding you back. If you're able to ask yourself this question, what pivotal moments and this area of life, for example, business, have significantly influenced the reality you're experiencing today, you'll uncover limiting beliefs, habits or stories that you've been telling yourself. Once you gain this self-awareness, it's time to start looking at ways of letting go of those current beliefs and start upgrading your belief system to match your dreams. The easiest way to do this is by simply acknowledging the thoughts and replacing the lies with your new truth.
Here's an example. This is a lie, I don't have enough knowledge or money to start a business. Here's the truth, the only way to learn is by doing, and there's an endless amount of resources out there to teach me how to start and bootstrap a business. This is going to be an ongoing process, because every time you seek to do something that stretches you outside of your comfort zone, you'll start experiencing fear, self-doubt, and consideration, and this is normal. So Just accept and allow these feelings to be an indicator that you're either on track or to provide feedback as to what you need to learn or improve on. Remember this, we can learn to think on purpose. We have the ability to control our thoughts and feeling, and having clarity around your dreams and your goals will attract resources to you. So don't downgrade your dreams to match your current reality. Instead, level up your beliefs to match your heart's desire.
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Step number four, defining your why. Here's a truth for you. Those who have a why can enjoy anyhow, that's where real passion and drive comes from. No matter your goals, to achieve these, you need to have key motivators as to why you must achieve them versus should I or could I. If you don't know why you want to achieve your goals and have a compelling vision as to why, it won't matter what you do. You will fail to meet your expectations time and time again. Knowing your why gives you purpose and meaning.
Now, purpose is the cause or belief that inspires your dreams, your goals, and reminds you that you've got something to do every single day. Let's define your why. In The Key Planner, under the Get To Know Yourself section asks you key questions to develop your why further, and here is what they are. Where do you feel you're at your most content, authentic and happiest self? What makes you come alive? What activities completely captivates your interest and attention? Why is it important for you to achieve your desired outcome? Knowing your why will enable you to focus on what matters most and help you to act in a way that's intentional and purposeful.
Step five, create a vision board. Now, your vision board acts as a focal point to help you visualise your life 12 months from now. Each time you need a motivation or a reminder of what you're working towards, look at your vision board and sit in silence in a meditation-like state, envisioning you accomplishing all your goals. I've already created a video on this topic, and I'll let you know at the end of this video where to find this.
In the next episode, we will be looking at creating your blueprint, so each day you wake up knowing exactly what to do to achieve your goals by creating a key map. This will help direct you to the shortest route possible through goal planning. We will cover this in the next episode. Be sure to subscribe to this channel so you'll be the first to know when I release this training next Wednesday. Now, if you would like to learn how to create a vision board that works, then watch this video next. I'll catch you here next week. Bye for now.
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