The Key Planner Story

Company Overview 

The Key Planner is a brand trading under Jessica Anne international, which is a socially-conscious enterprise that creates tools. To help inspire and empower people to design a life that truly matters to them so they can turn their goals into reality — founded by the brand strategist, keynote speaker and entrepreneur Jessica Anne Jensen. Based in Whanganui, New Zealand. 


Jessica Anne Founder of The Key Planner

A startup with a purpose.

The Key Planner is designed to help people gain clarity on their purpose and passion in life than encouraging them to turn their goals into reality. 

TKP also aims to actively support charities in direct alignment with our core values, to contribute towards our communities, so that we can assist in helping people live better lives. 

Introducing The Key Planner Collection.

Our core product range, The Key Planner is an undated personal organiser designed to help you focus on what really matters, so you may gain clarity in who you are and what you want in life, that will allow you to set goals you'd actually want to achieve while managing your time and task. 

The Key Planner collection is your high-performance coach, in a journal, with the features of a scheduling calendar, habit tracker, expense tracker, goal-setting tools, diary, sketchbook and bullet journal so you can keep your goals, thoughts and ideas ALL in one place.

How did all this get started?

As I sat at my window pane, overlooking the London skyline, I had hit a plateau, caught in a directionless daze of uncertainty, due to a health scare which led to personal problems, then business failure & me feeling like I failed myself!

In a desperate attempt to regain my confidence, I started thinking of pivotal moments in my life, to remind myself of what I had done before? As life coach Tony Robbins says, success leaves clues, right? 

Jessica Anne her story


So here goes, in 2009, I decided to leave the corporate world with a vision to start my fashion empire in Sydney, Australia – I wasn't sure what at that stage, all I knew is I wanted to get paid to travel the world, go shopping and do image makeovers on people. So, I quit my corporate job and decided to make a move from Auckland, New Zealand, to Sydney, Australia. 


While living in the vibrant city of Sydney, I started an image consultancy – which led to network my way into the super-fast-paced environment of the celebrity fashion world, working with TV network Foxtel, Naomi Campbell on her series The Face Australia, and Australia's Next Top Model to name a few.


In 2014, I decided to sell my business, pack up and moved to London, UK. Why? So, I can build an international brand – I attracted attention quickly and landed speaking, training contracts with Nike, speaking alongside influencers and training teams in the elements of personal branding with large, credible organisations.


When I look back at what I had accomplished, I realised I am a life hacker, I always chase after what I want to achieve, so I started thinking about what it was I did consistently to maintain focus and drive. 


Three key things were:

1: Strong vision and burning desire 

2: Planning 

3: Taking massive action. 


I started recording and planning my days, which turned in to a stack of journals, bullet journal, diaries, vision books, notebooks and thought no wonder why I am a MESS and had hit plateau. All my thoughts, desires and strategies are all over the place!

Feeling dissatisfied with other planners on the market, as I felt they lacked helping me to give real meaning as to why I must achieve my goals and not just set them. 

Led me to create my own accountability system aka my own daily planner for personal use to fill in the gaps of what I needed to do each day consistently to help me progress towards achieving my business goals and personal development. 


Fast forward 3.5 years later, and I am flying back home to Whanganui, New Zealand. The elections were on, where a lot of discussion about child poverty in New Zealand. Each time someone mentioned education for kids and reducing child poverty, a warm sensation would be present in my heart. I looked over to my home-made journal, and it HIT me. I have the knowledge, skills and passion for contributing to solving this problem, and I know the best tool to do that! 


And that was the birth of The Key Planner, I set out on a mission to create a product that allows people to become purposeful, intentional, to boldly dream and chase after what they want to achieve in life. 


I believe The Key Planner is the perfect tool, to help people gain clarity on who people are, what they want and how to actively schedule in the action they need to take to get to where they want to be. The layout of The Key Planner is partly-based on my IOI methodology I use in my "Image Of Influence" - personal brand training and events I did in London.  


Seeking to create a socially conscious business that positively contributes to the community, I decided I need to launch this business with a higher purpose than just being a product-based business; I want to make a change! 


My brother, Lionel Brian Singer, came on-board and helped with the branding and the design of The Key Planner. 


So here we are, and I invite you on our journey to change your world one day at a time, click the link to head over to our catalogue page and order The Key Planner today - I believe in you!