Are you seeking to turn your goals into reality? 

It is 2020 🎉 a new year and new decade.

An exciting time, whoop whoop New Year New Me then comes 1st week of February, and the goals you once were excited about is starting to become a distant reality. 

Sounds familiar?

And why might that be? 

1. Most people create too many goals at one time it becomes overwhelming 

2. People don't write their goals down 

3. People create vague goals instead of specific goals which leads to them not having clarity around what action is required from them daily. 

But not you, you're here because you are committed to yourself and you want to transform your life in a way that is meaningful to you. 

Forgot the hype, let's get laser-focused, this starts first by creating a compelling vision for your life. 

Clarity speeds up the process from where you are today, to where you desire to be and in this video (which is part of a weekly tutorial series over on  Jessica Anne TV ) you'll discover: 

How to get clear on what you want by creating a vision for your life. 

    Which areas of life you'll want to prioritise and focus on. 

      [There are six key areas of life Personal, finances, relationships, career or business and contributions (TOP TIP don't try to change all areas at once)]

      Define your why, as in WHY does it matter to you

      And finally, find a resource to help you develop a blueprint to achieving your goals. 

      So grab your Key Planner or Download a FREE sample of the Key Planner and join me in this episode on How To Design Your Life That's Meaningful To You.

      Read the FULL transcription here. 


      Here's A Summary:

      Step 1:  Envision your future by imagining your outcome. What's your desired result of what you'd like your life to look and feel like 12 months to three years from now?

      Step 2: Define your yearly vision, get focused on what you'd like the six key areas of life to look and feel like to you in 12 months. And write a statement of how each of these areas would look and feel like to you after asking yourself, if you had no limitations, no lack of resources, money, or ability, what does this area look and feel like to you? 

      (Don't let this step scare you either if you start thinking. Oh, that can't happen to me -  stop your thoughts and turn that thought around and ask "How can I make that work for me?") 

      Step 3:  Get to know yourself, as your beliefs shape your reality.

      Reflect on past experiences, to determine what pivotal moments in your life have significantly influenced the person you are today.

      Now, why is this important?

      Before we can move forward, we need to process events from our past, and the last thing you want to do is allow history to repeat itself.

      Because of your living human being, that desires to thrive, and you deserve to live a life that brings you joy and personal fulfilment each day. 


      Step 4: Define you're WHY

      Those who have a why can enjoy anyhow, that's where real passion and drive comes from. No matter your goals, to achieve these, you need to have key motivators as to why you must achieve them versus should I or could I. If you don't know why you want to achieve your goals and have a compelling vision as to why it won't matter what you do. You will fail to meet your expectations, time and time again. Knowing you're WHY gives you purpose and meaning.

      Step 5: Create a vision board

      Your vision board acts as a focal point to help you visualise your life 12 months from now. Each time you need motivation or a reminder of what you're working towards, look at your vision board and sit in silence in a meditation-like state, envisioning you accomplishing all your goals.

      I've already created a video on this topic which you can find here 👉🏼 how to create a vision board.

      Thanks for watching or reading; I'd love to hear your thoughts.

      👉🏼In the comments below let me know what the main 2-3 areas of your life are you seeking to transform this year? 

      Here's to your success.

      Jessica Anne Founder of The Key Planner