2023 Digital Planner By The Key Planner | GoodNotes 5

Are you seeking to move from paper products to digital? 

Have you tried digital planning before? 

In this video, I'll show you what's inside the 2023 Digital Planner by the Key Planner. There are four tools you need to get started. 

  1. iPad or Tablet 

  2. Apple pen or stylus (optional but recommended if you'd like to experience that same pen-to-paper feeling without the paper) 

  3. An editable PDF app (You should use an app you are familiar with: good notes, notability or xodo for Android devices, to name a few) 

  4. A hyperlinked PDF planner, such as (Planner) 

In this video I'll be using an iPad, apple pen, and the Goodnotes 5 APP along with the (PLANNER)... 

First up, you need your tools of the trade: 

1. A tablet and stylus pen for that tactile experience of pen to paper but digitally 

2. An editable PDF here are my favourites below: 

The tools best for iPad:

Goodnotes App: https://www.goodnotes.com/

Notability APP: https://notability.com/

Best tool for Android devices:

Xodo App: https://xodo.com/

3. Your digital planner SHOP HERE 

Pros of digital planning

  • No need to feel guilty for missed pages. 

  • Flexibility to take this around with you on your smart device. 

  • If you have patience and willingness to learn a new skill - once you've mastered this - digital planning is incredible once you get the hang of it. 

  • It's much more environmentally friendly 

Cons of digital planning

  • If you need to be more technically savvy and educated in using editable pdf apps, you'd likely grow frustrated in learning how to use a new tool. 

     Watch the video above if you have any questions, feel free to drop them into the comments section on youtube - I do check these daily. 

    Happy Planning! 

    Here's to your success, 

    Jessica Anne