How To Get Motivated When Going Through Times. Get Your Mojo Back! [Transcript]

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If you're feeling slightly unmotivated or you're going through tough times, feeling like you're struggling just to keep your head above water. You're trying, but things don't seem to be quite working out the way that you planned. 2020 no doubt didn't go to plan for many of us. And some of you have may even decided to write this year off completely. You may have envisioned yourself to be in a different place at this season of your life. Let me say it is not too late to turn this year around and let's get re-motivated and focused on creating a life that is meaningful to you. So stay tuned and let me show you how to get re-motivated for life and let's get our mojo back.

You may not have control over the external environment as in what happens to you, but you have control of how you choose to respond and what you do about it. You have a voice into where your life can go. Life is 10% of what happens to you, but it's 90% of how you respond and what you do about it. You get a setback, you get thrown off course, you lose your job, you lose your loved one. It's hard, but your hard will become a thing of your past that you'll use that strength to propel you forward and inspire others along the way. In order to grow we need to navigate through the storms. This builds character. Life isn't against us. Life is for us and going through struggle is designed to help us develop into the beautiful person we are at our core. We need to experience tough times.

It acts as a tool to give us the strength to keep pushing through. And this is where our strength comes from to help us overcome obstacles that get thrown our way. So when you're going through tough times, check in on your thoughts and feelings, because your thoughts and feelings guide your attitude and actions, and there are clues as into what we need to resolve hidden in your frustrations. The first step to getting your mojo back is to get real honest with yourself. How are you really feeling? What are you thinking? How is your current situation showing up in your attitude and actions? If you've found that you've got a negative narrative going on in your mind then jot it down and try to figure out why. When I'm going through tough times, I like to keep what I call daily pages, which is journaling my thoughts and feelings to get to the root of the problem so I can identify limiting beliefs and habits that are holding me back so I can replace those lies that I've told myself with truth and create an action plan on how I'm going to overcome it.

Everything we experience, the good, the bad, it starts from our belief system. From past experiences that have influenced the person that we are today. It is our foundational seed. So you need to nurture it, work on it daily. So our belief system matches to our heart's desire and this is what I call leveling up. The second step is to focus on the things that you can control, which is our acceptance of circumstances, our attitude, and action. Just three things. You can't control others. You can't control the external environment, but you can control your thoughts, feelings, attitude, and actions. Now, these three things you need to focus on if you want to grow into the life that God has planned for you.

The only thing I want from you is every single day when uncertainty and fear creeps in is to get up each day with an intention to start reframing your brain. Set yourself up to win each day with consistent habits that will guide you and automate your success towards achieving your goals. Nail down those healthy routines in the morning and evening that inspires your hopes, your dreams, and allows you to plan your time and day to get energized with good nutritious food, movement like exercise or stretching and being intentional with your time and focus. Third step each morning, connect to your spirit, your vision, your dreams, your goals. You've got to be willing to go after what you want. It's our birthright to live a life full of blessings, productivity, joy, and abundance, but sometimes you've got to fight for it and you've got to fight through it.

You've got to fight for your vision, your dreams, your goals for your sake and your loved ones by taking the first part of each morning, dedicated to you, your growth, where you do something that spiritually connects you followed by a focus like meditation where you're just envisioning your vision and you accomplishing your goals. This will give you the grit, perseverance, and encouragement because you know what you were fighting for. Fourth step is success is found in your daily habits and rituals. You can't keep quitting your whole life. It takes discipline. Now here's a quick equation. A meaningful life is achieved by one: identify the things that you love to do and how you enjoy expressing these to others and two: having self control and discipline. Your daily habits and rituals are the tools that close this gap. Step number five, accountability. Now, if you find yourself taking two steps forward and three steps back, reach out and get a support network around you.

If you're a mom or dad, bring your whole family on board. Talk about your vision, your goals, and your dreams together. If you're single or a single mom and dad, then get connected to those who believe in you. And if you don't have people like that, find them. If you've got a partner, colleagues or teammates, talk to them. A unit that works together will achieve far greater than just one person alone. And of course the key planner is your psychic and accountability system packaged into a journal. Now, if you're ready to level up in 2020 and beyond then head to, use the code Jessicaannetv to get 10% off. We ship worldwide and you can check out in your preferred currency.

Forget living a life of mediocracy. It's unfulfilling. It's time to rise up and go after your dreams, design your best life with The Key Planner. Hi, I'm Jessica Anne, founder of The Key Planner, which is a tool that allows you to keep your goals, thoughts, and ideas while managing your time and tasks all in one place. If you've enjoyed this video and you'd like more practical steps of what to do, next week I'll show you how I organize and plan my week for maximum productivity. So hit that like button, subscribe to this channel and share it with your friends. Bye for now.

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