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The Key Planner

The Key Planner is an undated weekly personal journal and organiser.

Our goal is to provide you with a tool to help you gain clarity on who you are and what you want in life, so you can schedule in the action you need to take to turn your ideas into reality.

It's your high-performance coach in a journal, with the features of a scheduling calendar, habit tracker, goal setting tools, note taker, and bullet journal to keep all your thoughts, desires and strategies in one place.

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Praise for The Key Planner

The Key Planner helps me to balance my time between family duties, make time so I can spend it with my son and plan out my fitness and nutrition goals. 
I use my planner every day, to help me stay on track with my fitness and nutrition goals.

Amanda C

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The Key Planner Classic

The Key Planner A4 Classic is designed with versatility and ease in mind, so you can flip The Key Planner on itself, for when you’d like to sketch ideas or use the larger size to help you manage professional tasks and plan out projects. 

The Key Planner Compact

The Key Planner A5 Compact, is designed to be your daily companion, with double ribbon so you will never miss your most used pages for the day, with a pocket in the back to store your keepsakes. You'll feel proud to have The Key Planner A5 Compact with you to take to class, or meetings, you'll be pleased to have all your ideas, thoughts and strategies in one place.